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Getting My Child Started With Istation

Supporting educators and empowering students has always been at the heart of Istation's mission. As the need for strong school-to-home connections grows, Istation is committed to providing solutions and resources that enable educators to deliver the best intervention and instruction possible for students, even remotely. Parent Guide Parent Letter - Espanol


Resources to assist with using ISIP Assessments at home: 

Remote Assessment Guide for Parents and Caregivers:

The Istation’s Indicators of Progress (ISIP™) assessment helps teachers understand how they can personalize your child’s learning. Some districts may approve ISIP to be completed within the home environment. If your child will be assessing at home, please view the following remote assessment guide for best practices before, during and after the assessment. 

Understanding Istation Data | A Parent Perspective: This resource serves as a guide when analyzing your child's Istation data along with providing tips for success on how you can maximize your child's learning within the home environment. 

Istation Rewards and Certificates: Reward your child for their hard work and progress made with these fun resources!

  • Printable Certificates for Parents to Use (coming soon)
  • Istation Shop! Download free printables or order specialty Istation swag! 

Resources to assist with at-home learning:

School-to-Home Connection Guide:

Extending learning beyond the classroom, Istation Home for reading, math, and Spanish literacy keeps students connected to instructional exercises, educational activities, and assignments while they’re at home. The school-to-home connection guide provides instruction resources, practice activities, and monitoring tools available outside the classroom

At-Home Learning Parent Playbook: Istation has rallied our team of professional development experts — all former educators themselves — to give you the best research-based, easy-to-use teaching tips. This playbook features high-level teaching tips to empower parents and guardians in their at-home learning efforts.

Red Cape Classroom video series: Istation's video series on tips for home-based instruction - all dedicated to parents 

Family Fun Activity Board! Print these fun activity boards for a quick reference for fun and educational activities to engage in as a family!



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