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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I log in?

Here is a quick video that will show you how to log in to our program! 

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How do I find my student’s username and password?

If you are unsure of your student’s login credentials and are a teacher, you can check out this article. If you are a parent, we suggest you reach out to your child’s teacher because privacy laws prohibit us from providing students’ credentials to you.

How do I log in through my district’s SSO to access Istation?

If you use a single sign-on provider, select the Istation icon in your single sign-on dashboard to log in to Istation.

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How do I find my single sign-on credentials?

Istation does not have access to your login credentials for your single sign-on provider. To obtain these, please reach out to your campus administration.

Can I purchase Istation for my child?

Istation is currently only available for purchase to districts and schools. Please contact your child’s teacher for additional information.

Why does my student keep repeating the same content over and over?

We suggest students work through their instructional content for a minimum of 15-20 minutes in order to complete a full lesson. If students are logged in for a short period of time (such as 5-10 minutes) and they log out and back in again, they may experience repeated content.

Please reach out directly to our support center by calling 214-237-9300. You can also contact us via email at support@istation.com. If you are a teacher or campus administrator, you can use our chat feature as well!

What if I am a teacher/manager and have forgotten my password?

Recover your username/password. An email will then be sent from noreply@istation.com with prompts to reset your password. Please make sure to check your spam folder. If you are unable to reset your password, please contact support and we can assist you with this!

What can I do if I recently changed my password and every time I log in to Istation’s reporting site, it says my password is wrong?

More than likely, your browser has your previously used password saved in its cache. Here are some helpful tips on clearing your cache.