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Single Sign-On

If your district/campus uses a single sign-on provider, open the Istation icon in your single sign-on dashboard to log in to Istation.

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Student Platform

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Istation in the Browser | Windows, macOS, & Chromebook devices:
  • Istation's student program can be accessed by going to app.istation.com on Windows, macOS and Chromebook devices. 
  • iPad & Safari browsers: There are a few remaining items on Apple's roadmap for this functionality to be available on iPads & the Safari browser. In the meantime, iPads can continue to use our Istation app.

Downloadable Application:

  • If you are unable to download the Istation program on your district or campus-provided device, please contact your administrator.

  • If you’d like to download Istation to your personal device, select your device from the Download and Install page.

  • Teacher Station is available to teachers and managers to assist with instruction. It provides:

    • virtual, interactive lessons;

    • whole-group, small-group, or individual instruction based on teacher preference; and

    • engaging cross-curricular activities.

  • Accessing Teacher Station:

    1. Log in to the Istation student program with the same login credentials you use for the website.

    2. Select your subject.

    3. Open the Explore bar at the bottom of the page and select Teacher Station.


For more information, check out our Teacher Station article (requires login)

Teacher Station Tutorial Video

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  • ISIP Modeling is available for grades PreK-3 for ISIP Reading and ISIP Español, and grades PreK-1 for ISIP Math.

  • Teachers can access ISIP Modeling videos within Istation's Help Center: ISIP Modeling
    • Teachers can model the assessment and familiarize their students with the ISIP directions and sample questions.
    • Students are also able to access the ISIP Modeling through the student program.

For more information, check out our ISIP Modeling article (requires login)


Istation recommends teachers become familiar with the student assessment prior to students signing in to Istation. Teachers can log in to Istation to take an ISIP assessment or view the interactive instruction for themselves. To log in to the Istation program, teachers will use the same login credentials used for the website.

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Login Credentials

  • Your Istation username is typically your district provided email address

  • Your password is automatically generated when your account is created. You will then be prompted to change your password upon your initial login. To reset your password, click here.

Single Sign-On Users:

If you use a single sign-on provider, open the Istation icon in your Single Sign-On dashboard to log in to Istation. 


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