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Parents are able to view their child's usage, assessment progress, and parent-friendly resources in Parent Portal.

Log into Parent Portal using your child's Istation login credentials. 

Parent Portal Login-2

Understanding Istation's Reports

Istation reports allow you to watch your child’s progress by summarizing his or her growth throughout the school year.

  • Ability Index/Score - Ability scores show how your child performed on the ISIP™ assessment. Like measuring a child’s height with a ruler, the ability score measures a student’s growth over time. As your child’s ability improves, the ability score increases in number.

  • Percentile Rank - identifies the child's results as compared to other students around the nation who took the assessment within the same month
    • Levels
      • Level 1: At or below the 20th percentile rank
      • Level 2: At or below the 40th percentile rank
      • Level 3: At or below the 60th percentile rank
      • Level 4: At or below the 80th percentile rank
      • Level 5: Above the 80th percentile rank
    • Tiers:
      • Tier 3: At or below the 20th percentile rank
      • Tier 2: At or below the 40th percentile rank
      • Tier 1: Above the 40th percentile rank

  • Student Summary Handout Report Guide: Reading | Math | Español
  • Growth Report: The Growth Report shows how your child is progressing over time. The goals become more difficult each month throughout the school year. 
  • Writing Reports: Displays all writing responses your child has submitted within Istation's Writing Rules! program


How can I support my child's learning with Istation's data? 

  • Print Parent Portal resources. Resources found in Parent Portal are based on your child's unit/cycle, so you can target learning at their ability level. 
  • Communication! Communicate with your child and your child's teacher to discuss your progress and their plan of action.
  • Work with your child to set up a learning environment. Choose a quiet, peaceful location that is well lit and free of distractions.
  • Grab a headset! Headsets make it easier for children to stay focused on Istation's content rather than be distracted by outside noises. 
  • Try not to help. We know, this can be extremely difficult as a parent! Istation adjusts to your child's ability level, so extra help from a parent or sibling can actually make content harder for your child to complete on their own! Istation has a built-in support system to provide additional instruction when your child needs it the most. Observe your child to ensure they stay on task, but please try your best to not help them answer questions or work through content. 
  • Routine! Establish a learning routine at home to help maintain consistency and organization. Make sure your child stays logged in and works through content for at least 15 minutes before logging out. This will ensure your child reaches a save point in the instruction.  
    • Grades PreK - 2: 15-20 minutes on Istation 2-3x/week
    • Grades 3+: 20-30 minutes on Istation 2-3x/week

Tips for Success!

  • Change up the learning experience. If you’ve been using workbooks or printed worksheets, consider adding some hands-on learning. You can use experiential learning and teach the academic skills you need to cover that day. For example, there are a lot of math skills that can be learned through playing the board game Monopoly. Consider a simpler math game for younger children like the card game Go Fish.
  • Include your child in the planning. If you create a visual chart showing the objectives that need to be accomplished, include your child in making decisions regarding activities to meet those objectives. This is where that hands-on, experiential learning could come into play
  • Provide incentives when necessary. Some incentives after schoolwork is completed might include sticker charts, allowance for their piggy bank, or 15 additional minutes of screen time.
  • Instilling a love of reading! Instill a passion for reading from an early age to unlock the door to lifelong learning. Research shows that developing early literacy skills impacts future academic success. 
  • Laugh, hug, and build memories. Amid the hustle and bustle we sometimes forget to focus on the most important people in our lives: the ones we live with in our home. Laugh with them and hug them and give yourself some grace! Managing it all can be hard. It’s okay if things aren’t going the way you think they’re supposed to. Just remember memories will last longer than the day-to-day balance. 

For more tips, check out Istation's At Home Learning Parent Playbook.